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IJK December 12, 2006 00:00

Quick question on Gridgen
Does anyone know how to change camera viewpoint to exactly +x, +y, .. in Gridgen? I can't find that in the manual.. Thank you in advance.

barracuda December 14, 2006 13:37

Re: Quick question on Gridgen
This may not be the best way, but first press 'r' to restore the image to the original view (along the screen z-axis, I think). Then, hold down the PageDown key (this forces a 90 degree rotation) while pressing on one of the following on the number Pad of you keyboard until you get the view that you want:

Pad7 for x screen-axis rotation

Pad8 for y screen-axis rotation

Pad9 for z screen-axis rotation

Pointwise gives away a mouse pad that has these and other shortcuts on it. If you call them, I'll bet they would send one to you.

John Chawner December 16, 2006 15:11

Re: Quick question on Gridgen
Scripts available on the Glyph Script Exchange ( let you specify the xyz coordinates of the rotation point and enter the rotation angles around each of the 3 axis.

Hope this helps.

zonexo December 16, 2006 19:45

Undo button for Gridgen

since u ppl are discussing abt gridgen, I've a question:

Is there an undo button for this program?

I can't seem to find it. It can't be absent for such a powerful program...

John Chawner December 17, 2006 12:08

Re: Undo button for Gridgen
Gridgen Version 15 does not have Undo.

Our next-generation product, Pointwise Version 16, does have Undo and Redo. We will be featuring the new Pointwise software as it enters Beta testing at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting next month. Details are on our web site.

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