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lakeat January 30, 2014 11:52

ps export?
I found the quality of the figures in the manuals are really low, are they created by ms-word? Not latex? :) Anyone knows how to export "publication quality" vector figures?

tcarrigan January 30, 2014 13:14

Currently, Pointwise can only export images as .png, .bmp, or .tiff. No vector graphics at this time.

Most of the time the default settings in the File, Print to File Setup menu are sufficient for taking grid images. However, I've found them to be lower quality than I would normally like. To fix this, adjust the DPI and the Image Size prior to saving an image from the File, Print to File Setup menu. I've found that exporting something above 2000x2000 pixels works well.

Another thing I'll often try is increasing the grid line width from the View, Attributes panel. A Line Width of 2-3 is pretty good.

lakeat January 30, 2014 13:50

Thanks, I see. I used to write the mesh to the vtk then to the postscript, it seems to be not very difficult.

jchawner February 2, 2014 17:45

Hi Daniel:

All of the formats supported by Print to File are raster (e.g. PNG) as opposed to vector (e.g. Postscript). I added your name to an existing entry in our requirements database to add an option for Postscript.


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