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a whole new world March 21, 2007 06:18

a question about gridgen
I have a .dat file of a airfoil but i can not input it into gridgen, what can i do? cheers

zonexo March 21, 2007 11:49

Re: a question about gridgen
Here's an e.g. just follow the same style. btw, 1st line is no. of coordinates to be entered. Then followed by the 3d coordinates

201 0 0 0 0.005 0.012213147 0 0.01 0.017037074 0 0.015 0.020636712 0 0.02 0.023597771 0 0.025 0.026147199 0 0.03 0.028401445 0 0.035 0.030429739 0 ....

go to DB in gridgen and import the dat file. after that, create connectors based on DB.

hope that helps.

John Chawner March 24, 2007 14:20

Re: a question about gridgen
Hello "a whole new world".

zonexo is correct. The first step is to ensure that your file has the correct format. Gridgen's so-called segment files (.dat) are expected to contain a string of points like this:


x1 y1 z1

x2 y2 z2


xN yN zN

In fact, you can have several curves in the same .dat file.

Also, you can import the segment (.dat) file as a database entity as zenexo suggests but you also have two other options.

1) You can import it a connector shape.

2) You can import it as connector grid points.

Hope this helps.

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