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chris March 23, 2007 12:04

Glyph command to close GRIDGEN?

I want to automate several steps in gridgen and other tools. For this reason I wrote shell scripts that call gridgen and do other things afterwards. But when Gridgen is finished I have to close the application by hand. Is there some glyph-command which can be used to terminate the gridgen process?

Thanks for replies!

John Chawner March 24, 2007 14:16

Re: Glyph command to close GRIDGEN?

gg::terminate is the command you seek.

If your script doesn't need the GUI at all (e.g. there's no visualization pauses or selection required), you can execute Gridgen in batch with the script on the command line and Gridgen will terminate upon completion of the script. For example, a DOS shell on Windows might look like (the -b means run in batch):

Gridgen.exe -b myScript.glf

Hope this helps.

chris March 25, 2007 14:22

Re: Glyph command to close GRIDGEN?
Thanks John! The possibility of executing Gridgen in batch is exactly what I was looking for. Did not know this was possible at all. But gg::terminate might also be useful one day. Thanks again!

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