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Nico April 20, 2007 05:52

Small problem in Gridgen - Database display

In Display->Edit Display->DB: Intrvls can be used as render mode. On a line this puts points at the end. My problem is that i have not found a way to switch back to the default display (=no points on DB). And i have tried a few things.



John Chawner April 21, 2007 14:08

Re: Small problem in Gridgen - Database display

Change the line's Render Mode to Isolines.

Intervals draws the curve or surface by the intervals in its parametrization. Also, every interval boundary is a pickable point. A surface in Interval mode is drawn as a MxN wireframe of quads. The intersection of the render lines is a pickable point. For a curve, there's only one line so to make the interval boundaries visible (so you can pick them) they're drawn as small filled squares.

Isolines draws the entity by iso-parametric lines; lines of constant U and V parameter values. Drawing a surface with 2x2 isolines draws it by its perimeter: the Umin, Umax, Vmin, and Vmax parameter lines. Drawing a curve with isolines gives you just a line.

The differences are subtle. Hope it makes more sense now.

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