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Nico April 20, 2007 07:10

Gridgen - Link Database / Connector

My original mesh was using a symmetry plane. I need to model something a bit different now, similar geometry but with an angle of attack, the geometry needs to rotate (and not my conditions). So i need to mirror my geometry and then rotate it. I am having difficulties with the links between connectors and database. When i mirror my connectors, they seem to lose their links to the database. (I cant seem to be able to mirror both at database and connectors at the same time). Do i have to mirror the database (my geometry) and start again?



John Chawner April 21, 2007 13:59

Re: Gridgen - Link Database / Connector

You are correct on both counts. 1) You can't simultaneously mirror the database (geometry model) and grid. And 2) when you mirror just the grid its links to the database are broken.

Starting from the original grid with the symmetry plane, could you rotate its database? The original grid will remain attached. Then you could mirror just the grid. While the links to the database will break, the grid points won't move (other than by mirroring) so the shape should be the same.

Another approach would be to mirror the database first then the grid. You could then use closest point projection to re-attached the mirrored grid to the mirrored database (the points shouldn't actually move, but they will reattach to the database).

Hope this helps.

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