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Prapanj September 25, 2007 16:51

Inconsistency of GRidgen
Hi recently i have been using gridgen. In the redistribution of points, once u set a value at the beginning of a connector, it must stay there ideally. But when I run a solver over the grid, the value which i set at the beginning changes. It was creating great confusion and i had to iteratively set values again and again at the corners.. Is there a solution for this? Or is Gridgen bad at this?

ag September 26, 2007 09:11

Re: Inconsistency of GRidgen
There is an option to keep the spacing fixed. Look under "solver attributes" -> "foreground cont functions" -> select the edge and hit the set button to call up the menu to set the edge condition. You can also see what the default value is.

prapanj September 26, 2007 22:56

Re: Inconsistency of GRidgen
Thanking you for edifying me.. I would like to revoke on the word "inconsistency" if this works. I'll get back to you as soon as I try this.

John Chawner September 30, 2007 15:08

Re: Inconsistency of GRidgen
Hello Prapanj,

If you set a spacing constraint on a connector, it will remain fixed unless changed by a grid method. For example, imagine two square grids side-by-side. If you set, the spacing constraint at the bottom of the vertical connector shared by the two domains, it will remain constant. However, if you run the two domains in the elliptic PDE solver *and* set a floating condition between them, the connector will change shape *and* the grid points on the connector will move too.

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, there are techniques for connector distribution and domain smoothing that work well together. I suggest you contact our Technical Support at 800-4PTWISE or

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