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help September 28, 2007 10:54

Hi Does anyone know how grids are numbered in Gridgen? Considering a square domain, is the top left corner (i,j)=(1,jlast), where jlast is the last grid point in the positive y-direction.

What function do I use to see the indices of any point?


John Chawner September 30, 2007 14:51

Re: Gridgen

The computational origin (i=1,j=1) of a structured surface grid (domain) is created automatically by the software and can't be determined simply by looking at the grid's orientation in 3D space.

There are two ways to find the i,j coordinates of a structured domain's grid points: one interactive and one scripted.

Interactively, use the Examine command in the Domain menu and turn On the Hiliter. Using the cross-hairs, you can highlight any point on the screen and its coordinates are shown in the Blackboard window.

Using the Glyph scripting language, try gg::domGetPt and gg::domReport to query the domain's grid points. Of course, this approach works in the opposite direction: give it the i,j and get back x,y,z. But it all depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

Hope this helps.

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