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Hani November 4, 2008 21:59

How to avoid poor Jacobian in Gridgen??
Hi all,

Any body there has a good experience in meshing with Gridgen? I was asked to generate 2 layers of constant spacing (dy=0.0004mm)on the boundary of DLR-F6 aircraft 1/2 model, while maintaining skewness less than 0.9. I used both structured and unstructured grid to mesh the surfaces of the aircraft. However, when I extrude these two layers using block domain extrusion, poor jacobians are resulted at cornered edges which in turn would result to highly skewed cells (more than 0.9 skewness). Any body knows how to solve this problem? Or perhaps provide some guidelines of how to avoid poor jacobians in Gridgen?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!

John Chawner November 8, 2008 15:35

Re: How to avoid poor Jacobian in Gridgen??
Hi Hani,

Yes, there are many guidelines and techniques for how to use extrusion for both structured and unstructured meshes and achieve unskewed meshes.

There is insufficient information in your post for me to make a meaningful recommendation so I suggest you email your question to so that our engineers can help you.

Best regards.

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