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gr December 16, 2008 01:09

I need to redimension the grids on a connector, without changing the starting and ending distance of the first and the last grid point respectively. Here is an example, Connector with first grid point say 0.1 mm and the remaining grids are equidistant say 0.3 mm apart and the ending distance say 0.2 mm. Now I wish to get the equal gridpoints 0.9 mm apart i.e every fourth grid point remains, but I want to keep the same constraints at the beginning and end. How can I do this? Thanks

Chris Sideroff December 16, 2008 21:31


If you have set, i.e. constrained, the beginning/ending spacing of a connector, changing the number of points on the connector does not change the beginning/ending spacing.

However to get the point distribution you desire, contrained ends with equi-distant intermediate spacing you have to go a step further. You will need to create breakpoints at the first and last grid point locations. Doing this allows one to set a specific distribution on each sub-connector. The first and last sub-connector will only have two grid points so the distribution method will have no influence on these. Simply apply equal spacing to the middle sub-connector and voila!

If you change the total number of points, you will need to revisit the "connector distribution" mode to ensure the first and last sub-connector have only two grid points with the remainder in the middle (you can change the number of sub-connector grid points in this mode as well). You may also need to apply equal spacing to the middle sub-connector as well.

Another way to accomplish the same idea is to create a new at the same location as the old one, set the internal distribution to your liking and use "connector replace" to replace the old with the new.

Hope that helps, Chris

gr December 17, 2008 13:13

Thanks so much.

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