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jsagaga February 27, 2018 15:25

Solid surface fix
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I'm having trouble filling in a part of my fluid domain that I created with curves as a database entity. As you can see in the image attached, I have a bullet shaped fluid domain, everywhere that I'd like to fill with a solid surface does except for the back of the fluid domain (which will be set to be an outlet). It seems like it would be an easy fix. I had to end up drawing the curves as a database entity for the majority of this shape, because drawing a sphere and a cylinder didn't work, drawing a half circle and then attaching a half cylinder to it didn't work either. Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue?

tcarrigan February 27, 2018 17:46

You can cap the back by making a coons patch. Select the database boundaries mask, select the two curves, then create a coons patch. Alternatively, because that boundary is planar, you really don't need geometry there. You can simply mesh that boundary without an underlying database entity.

One more thing. You can create that geometry in one shot using the draw shapes functionality in Pointwise. Here's a video showing how to create a cylinder, You can chose whether the ends are planar or spherical.

jsagaga February 28, 2018 13:04

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Thanks Travis! I was able to create the shape in one shot by drawing a cylinder with a spherical base :D

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