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foldandfly June 19, 2020 19:18

Pointwise CAE Export Error
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I am trying to export a 3D mesh from Pointwise V18.1 R2 to Fluent. However, Pointwise gives this error after I select the export directory and file name:

Detected 1 fatal error. Write exception: GgGridCoordEnumerator::getIndex: bounds error

I have tried several solvers different than Fluent, but I still got the same error.

Why I get this error and what is the solution?

Thank you.

dgarlisch June 22, 2020 14:32

There are many things that could trigger this error.

First, I suggest you get the latest Pointwise version (may require a new license), initialize the grid, and try again.

If it still fails, contact Pointwise support.

Can you provide a download link to the PW file?

dgarlisch August 19, 2020 11:56

Please contact Pointwise support or provide more details here. The information provided here is not sufficient to diagnose the problem.

Can you provide a download link to the problem PW file? If it is small enough, ZIP it and attach here.

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