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Shamoon Jamshed May 9, 2009 23:08

Gridgen-Trouble creating block
Hi all

I want to make a block in Gridgen but it is causing the following trouble. When I select multiple domains (which I have to) to create a face. It selects only one and does not show an option (i mean highlight) to pick other two domains. (In this face I want to include three domains). However, this is with the last face of the block only , i.e the sixth face.

Can anybody solve this problem, give me the solution please

jchawner May 16, 2009 09:10


Without seeing your grid, it's hard to say what the problem might be, but I'll take a couple of guesses.

First, the domains that comprise the 6th face don't actually share connectors around their perimeter the software won't let them be assembled into a face. Use the Merge command to see if any of those connectors are free. If they are, use the merge command to make them match.

Second, the selected domains might not form a computationally rectangular region.

Hope this helps.

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