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famarcfd November 23, 2009 11:30

airfoil 2D mesh with Gridgen
Hi all!

I've to generate a structured mesh with Gridgen around a nose cambered airfoil (shape similar to a turbomachinary blade).I've already done it with extrusion method getting a C shape mesh.For futher applications I need to generate an O or H mesh as well.How should I proceed?

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

ztdep November 24, 2009 08:26

Dear friends:
Draw the airfoil in a rectangular region, then seperate the region into several block. generate structured grid in these region.
Hope this wil help you

famarcfd November 24, 2009 18:00

Thanks for your advice

aerospain January 28, 2010 11:06

2D C-H airfoil with Gridgen
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I am trying to generate a 2D mesh around symmetrical airfoils. C type upstream and H type downstream of the airfoil. My problem is with the C type subdomain.

I want to do it by extruding an edge (the airfoil), with X-symmetry for boundary condition, up to 30 chord lengths away. My most importante concern will be the orthogonality at the airfoil's wall, and how to keep it as gridlines travel away.

My best shot up to this point has been to creat a "raw" mesh and run the structured solver on it. And this is what's giving me the big headache :( I'm attaching a screen capture of my "raw" grid to show what's my starting point for the smoothing process.

Thanx in advance!

jchawner January 30, 2010 17:56


If I understand your topology correctly, you want to create a grid with C topology around an airfoil. The topology includes, for example, lines that pass from the downstream boundary, move upstream over the top of the airfoil, around the leading edge, downstream along the bottom of the airfoil and straight out the downstream boundary.

You could generate this topology completely using Gridgen's extrusion technique without having to resort to the elliptic solver at all. Your initial boundary would be the wake connector, the connector on the upper surface of the airfoil, the connector on the lower surface of the airfoil and the wake connector (the same one as the first). The grid would be orthogonal to the airfoil surface and the wake.

Does this work for you?

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