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madhukar_nal April 8, 2010 06:25

Checking aspect ratio in Gridgen software
I created 2D structured grids on symmetric airfoil. Now i need to check aspect ratio of the grids near the airfoil surface.Even i checked in examine the grids details.
can anybody tell how to check aspect ratio near (particularly) the airfoil wall surface.

cnsidero April 8, 2010 11:32

In Gridgen:

- Domains (D) > Examine (e)
- choose your 2D airfoil domain
- Function (f) > Aspect Ratio (a), Done (ent)

If you want to change the min/max on the color bar go to

- Display (t) > Color Bar Values

madhukar_nal April 8, 2010 23:57

Hi chris..
Thanks for reply..Actually i need to find out aspect ratio near the Airfoil wall only..I already did that method (Examine option)..
is there any method in gridgen to find out aspect ratio in terms of numerics (apart from color bar)...?

cnsidero April 9, 2010 09:58

So you would like to know the numerical values of the aspect ratio of the cells along the airfoil surface?

My suggestion would be to use the scripting language, Glyph, but it's not possible in Gridgen's version of Glyph.

What you are looking for is possible in our new meshing software, Pointwise. Both graphically and through the scripting language.

madhukar_nal April 13, 2010 00:15

Gridgen there any tutorial materials available for glyph...plz reply me..& also which latest version of pointwse software having both graphical & glyph?

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