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han July 1, 2004 18:52

Any one knows about 'Gridgen'?
Any one has experience with 'Gridgen'? It seems not to be a friendly software.

What sholud I know to get it started to work? I even don't know when to find a demo.



Jarmo Monttinen July 1, 2004 20:39

Re: Any one knows about 'Gridgen'?

Define a "friendly software"?

I haven't had problems with it and have used it for a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D problems. I comes with a full manual including really simple tutorials to get started with. You should be able to get a demo-version from Pointwise, at least I know some people who have had a demo previously.

-- Jarmo

xueying July 2, 2004 10:56

Re: Any one knows about 'Gridgen'?
I don't think Gridgen friendly as well. GAMBIT is so much easy to use. To start with Gridgen, you'd better run some tutorials to get familiar with it.

amol palekar July 6, 2004 13:27

Re: Any one knows about 'Gridgen'?
Thats the only Grid generator i have used and i think its pretty neat. Go through a couple of tutorials and you will be through. In case you plan to buy the license then you can also attend their free 3 day training. -amol

han July 7, 2004 12:12

Re: Any one knows about 'Gridgen'?
Thank you all for the information. It seems that Gridgen can be used by following its manual. But, at this moment, I prefer to manually make some mesh, to save time.

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