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skris2009 August 21, 2010 19:08

Pointwise Structed Grid Question
I'm using Pointwise to generate a grid with a structured boundary layer mesh, with an unstructured grid in the interior. For the inlet face, I have 2 faces that make this face: a structured and instructed portion. When I export this mesh into Fluent, it shows up as 2 separate inlet faces, for which boundary condition needs to be specified independently. How do I combine these faces in Pointwise into a single inlet face? Thanks.

jchawner August 22, 2010 20:15

Hi Sowmya,

I'm doing this from memory so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think it involves setting the same boundary condition on the face's two domains and/or a volume condition on the block in which they're used.

Of course, you can always email our tech support at

Best Regards

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