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GER November 19, 2004 22:04

Gridgen export as PLOT3D ?

You know how to save a file as PLOT3D? Which menu or page to go?

Thanks a lot for your help.


amir November 20, 2004 14:34

Re: Gridgen export as PLOT3D ?
Hi all Do yuo any one abaut k-omeha model ? Regards

ag November 22, 2004 09:54

Re: Gridgen export as PLOT3D ?
Use Input/Output -> Grid Points Export and select the type (Block for volume grids, Domain for surfaces, ...), type in the file name and then choose the file attributes.

GER November 22, 2004 18:57

Question to AG:
AG: Thanks a lot for your input. I did go by the way you said. But 'connector', 'domain', and 'block' are not selective (they are not activated).

I read a file (*.gg). Maybe I should play it and make the options ('block', etc) to be activated?

Thanks again to AG

ag November 22, 2004 23:58

Re: Question to AG:
Do you have any domains or blocks created? If the options are grayed out then it sounds like you don't have anything created that gridgen thinks can be exported.

GER November 23, 2004 19:15

Re: Question to AG:
Hi, AG

I have a block, domains,connectors created (as shown on the top of the gridgen wind).

When I tried to save a block as PLOT3D, under 'SELECT GRID ENTITY', Curvers, Surfaces, Faces, Volumes are activated, and I can chose them, But not connector, doamin, and block.

Maybe I should save the grid (3D) by chosing 'Volumes' rather than 'block'?

Thanks a lot for your response


GER November 23, 2004 20:03

One more Question to AG: Autocad-->Gridgen?
Hi, Ag,

This is another question: how can I read shpae file documented as Autocad file and import it to Gridgen?

Is some middle process needed?

Again thanks a lot to you. Around me no people knows Gridgen.


ag November 24, 2004 09:56

Re: One more Question to AG: Autocad-->Gridgen?
Yes you save blocks as volumes, domains as surfaces, etc. Sorry, the only experience I have with inputting CAD files into gridgen is in using the IGES format.

John Chawner December 23, 2004 12:17

Re: Gridgen export as PLOT3D ?
First, sorry for being a month late posting this.

To export a structured grid from Gridgen to PLOT3D you first have to decide what you want to export: surface grids (domains) or volume grids (blocks). Let's assume you want to export blocks. From the main menu...

* Input/Output

* Grid Pts Export

* Block Volumes

* select the file name

* set file attributes (by default, PLOT3D, ASCII, double precision)

* select the blocks to export

The file is written. All of Gridgen's PLOT3D files are 3D multizone.

Your second question involved getting data from AutoCAD into Gridgen. The geometry will have to be exported from AutoCAD in IGES format.

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