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Smed September 19, 2011 15:27

Pointwise mesh curvature
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Hi, I'm trying to create an unstructured mesh on a curved surface but I'm having some trouble. What I have is a portion of a cylinder where the outer curved face has an unstructured mesh on it and the inner curved face has a structured mesh. The inner face maintains the curved structure for the entire face, but the outer face seems to give up on the curvature and create a flat plane toward the center.

This is difficult to describe so I've attached images. The iso image gives an idea of my model. The z_axis image gives a side view of the front and back faces that i'm referring to. Again, I'm expecting the front face to show a uniform meshing for the entire length, of the face, but it seems to taper off in the middle.

If anyone can shed light on this I would appreciate it.


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