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travis.moulding December 6, 2011 17:27

Pointwise join problem
I am trying to join multiple domains together in pointwise and for the life of my I cannot get it to work. I select the two damains I would like to join, click Edit > Join and I get the following error Error: usage (argument 4):pw: DomainUnstructured join? -reject rejectVar? domains. My join tolerance is set at the default of 0.001.

any thoughts?

jchawner December 11, 2011 17:42

Hi Travis.

I don't recognize that error message at all and don't think the tolerance is the issue. Possible problems: one domain is used in a block and the other isn't (or is used in another block), one domain is structured and the other is unstructured, the domains don't actually share a connector, the structured domains don't match along their entire edge, etc.

My suggestion is to contact our technical support team at so they can investigate. Include the Pointwise version number in your email.

Best Regards

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