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azmirul March 10, 2012 22:26

Pointwise 2D airfoil C-grid

I'm fairly new to Pointwise, still trying to get a handle on meshing with Pointwise. I understand there is a tutorial for a 2D O grid around an airfoil in the tutorial workbook, but I need to have a C grid structured mesh. There is a tutorial on C grids for Gridgen and been trying to kind of adapt that to Pointwise but in the end I didn't have any idea on what I'm doing.

So yeah if anyone knows if there's any Pointwise tutorial out there on airfoil C grids please point me in the right direction, or better yet, guide me on buliding this C grid topology in Pointwise :)


Martin Hegedus March 11, 2012 01:50

If you've got a legitimate license, which I hope you do, just give them a call.

azmirul March 12, 2012 13:23


Originally Posted by Martin Hegedus (Post 348743)
If you've got a legitimate license, which I hope you do, just give them a call.

I use Pointwise at school. What makes you think I'm using it illegally? But anyway I figured it out myself, so all good:)

Martin Hegedus March 12, 2012 14:48

You probably did not realize you walked into something more than you thought you were by your question.

The reply I gave is a carry over from a blog conversation I had with John Chawner (President of Pointwise), I think John is a "helpful" (at the moment I can't think of a good word. I was going to call him "good" but that's sort of general and I can't figure out an equation for it, anyway...) person so his comments on that blog probably represent a small portion of his thoughts. However, what he writes about cfd-online is a reflection of what CFD vendors and others think about CFD online. I have been explicitly told that by others. CFD vendors do not believe that online forums are an appropriate venue for helping people since they feel a lot of questions come for individuals who are not entitled to support. There is also more, but I won't get into that here. My personal opinion about the topic is much more gray. I personally think it is clear that there are differences between how students and professionals communicate. There always has been and there always will be. I also believe the general internet does have an "old west" character. Both the good and bad aspects of it.

So, if your (your=anyone reading this) allows you to call/email Pointwise, ANSYS, Mentor Graphics, or whoever, you should take advantage of this. Your time is valuable. And don't forget your tuition fees and/or grants helped pay for the license. Granted, there may be a time limit on the amount of support a license entitles one too.

However it boggles my mind that some of these companies spend so much time and money, advertising, marketing, blogging, conferences, etc. and they are not tripping over themselves to figure out how forums can be made to work for them by connecting directly with people.

Well, there is a long reply to your post that you might not have expected! Sorry about that, and good luck!

Edit: "old west" equals "wild west"

jchawner March 13, 2012 11:55

Azmirul: I'm glad you figured out how to make your mesh. Of course, don't hesitate to contact us at with any future questions. Some of us do monitor CFD Online's Forums but I can't promise with do it with regularity.

Martin: I'd like to separate two thoughts you strung together about the value of online forums and some of the questions on finds on them. It is true that my personal experience is that many (unquantified) posts on forums are from people using unlicensed products. However, I don't believe in general that online forums are bad. At issue is how to integrate them into a company's complete support offering. I believe in the blog post you mentioned I wrote that when a company is supporting a stream of customers coming through the front door (direct phone or email contact) it's hard to find time to also support customers coming through the back door (i.e. online forums).

azmirul March 13, 2012 17:00

Hey there John! Good to see a company representative in the forums. Truth of the matter is, I'm pretty jaded with trying to get help from companies directly. Most of the time my emails went unanswered and now I'm turning to online forums.

I've only used Pointwise for a couple days now so pretty much a greenhorn to Pointwise and CFD itself and I can safely say for the case I'm working on, it gives me quick convergence, easy to use and highly automated. I've gone through two meshing softwares, none of them comes close in the way of pre-processing time. Got a mate teaching me how to do 2D meshing yesterday, played around a bit later on and today he got me teaching him how to do basic volume mesh :) Really friendly UI!

Martin: I understand your sentiment, and apologies for my retorting like that.

Perhaps it's time for Pointwise to have it's own section in the forums? Or is there one already?

Martin Hegedus March 13, 2012 17:16


Originally Posted by azmirul (Post 349272)
Martin: I understand your sentiment, and apologies for my retorting like that.

No problem, no offense taken. :)

jchawner March 13, 2012 17:18


Hopefully your future experience with our tech support will be just as good as with the software itself. We're glad you've been successful.

There's no Pointwise forum here at CFD Online. If we (Pointwise) were going to formally support a forum (i.e. read it regularly and respond promptly) we might want to host something of our own. But that's a topic for another day.

anandsivaram1987 July 17, 2012 13:02

Gridgen help needed
Hallo Friends

I need a help regarding the Gridgen meshing of Airfoil....I want to know the mesh typologies...And also if anyone is having some papers or details regarding to the wings STALL problem.... Thanks in advance....kindly mail me at

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