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paulathikalam September 17, 2020 16:30

Wave runup
Hii There,

I have been practicing REEF3D for some time (running and modifying tutorial cases); But, now i need to focus on some specific cases of my interest, one of them is numerically studying the wave run-up on beaches.

But, I am having a very hard time in measuring the wave runup. If any of you guys have some idea about the solution, please help me.


valgrinda November 3, 2020 10:00

Wave Runup / REEF3D
You could use the wsfline print out, see option P 52.

kamath March 17, 2021 05:37

Would be also interesting to see if the discharge gauge P 67 (generally used for open channel flow simulations) can provide a path to calculate the volume of overtopping past a point?

valgrinda March 17, 2021 08:31

Yes, P 67 should in theory work for this. Then V=Q*dt, where Q comes from P 67.

kamath March 17, 2021 08:36

Yes, but in addition, for wave runup, I guess it should be integrated over the entire duration of the simulation, as unlike in open channel flow in steady state, the discharge gauges will measure both +ve and -ve values.
The net sum over the simulation is then the net run up/ overtopping (Q in Hans' post) over the duration of the simulation (dt above) to get the discharge volume over the length of the simulation and then derive the discharge per unit time.

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