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valgrinda October 2, 2021 05:07

REEF3D 21.09 & DIVEMesh 21.09
REEF3D 21.09 ( and DIVEMesh 21.09 ( are released with a couple of additions and fixes. Make sure to use the newest REEF3D with the newest DIVEMesh.

In this version, the geometry category O Object in DIVEMesh (and REEF3D) has been completely removed and fully replaced by S Solids. G Geotopo (sediment surface) in DIVEMesh received almost all Solids capabilities. The G geometry options for sediment have been removed from REEF3D.

The full list of changes in REEF3D 21.05:
x fixed a problem with potential flow ini for combined wave-current simulations (CFD)
x fixed a ghostcell bug for 6DOF_gc (CFD)
x fixed FNPF state file print out on Unix systems
x updated 6DOF SFLOW
x fixed an issue for solitary wave height calulation
x fixed NSEWAVE issues
x improved one-phase flow (NSEWAVE)
x fixed a bug for when diffision is turned off, setting all velocities to zero (CFD)
x added CDS and WENO bedslope calculation option for sediment transport (CFD)
x added extended sediment paramter paraview print out (CFD)
x added output of pressure and viscous forces for 6DOF_df (CFD)
x added 3rd-order WENO (FNPF)
x removed topo geometry, moved to DIVEMesh
x removed objects, fully replaced with solids
x removed all cut cell code
x fixed probeline problem (CFD)
x fixed problem with X 132 (CFD)
x fixed a bug for quasistatic nets (CFD)
x fixed a problem where Paraview would not display contours using Gouraud interpolation (CFD)
x fix for phase difference when modeling nonlinear waves (FNPF)

The full list of changes in DIVEMesh 21.09:
x added decomp partition vtp print out
x added topo section
x added geodat for either topo or solid
x added grid preview vtu file
x removed objects, fully replaced with solids
x removed freecoor
x removed S34,S35,S36 and S38
x fixed origin_xyx bug for M 20 1 decomposition

Bingcz October 4, 2021 02:27

Sediment transport model didn't work
Thanks for the new version, I tried to run the new version code, but when the sediment transport calculation starts, the simulation ends.
(I used the same control and ctrl file to run reef3d_ver21.05, it works)
could you please check this for me?

valgrinda October 4, 2021 06:30

Hei Bingchang,

when you are updating REEF3D through re-compilation, you need to start with the command "make clean". Can you try this? And let me know whether this works for you?

Bingcz October 4, 2021 08:52

Sediment transport model still didn't work
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Hi Hans Bihs,

Thanks for your reply, I just tried "make clean" and then "make -j 4" to get Divemesh and REEF3D.
But these files still didn't work, My setting is sediment calculation starts after water 10 iterations, and the simulation stops after 10 iterations as shown in the picture attached.(I also provide my control document)


valgrinda October 4, 2021 15:57

Hi Bingchang,

yes you are right, there was a problem in the code. It is now fixed for release 21.9.1. Thanks for the feedback!

Bingcz October 5, 2021 01:20

S80 Problem has been solved
Hi Hans Bihs,

Thanks for your help, the problem has been solved


Bingcz October 5, 2021 10:53

Problem with I 40 when turn on sediment model
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Hi Hans Bihs,

Another problem is about continuing calculation (I40 option).

It works if the bedload model is turned off, but it fails when bedload model is turned on.


valgrinda October 8, 2021 13:22

Hei Bingchang,

thank you for the feedback. Hot start functionality is now working for the latest REEF3D RC and will be added to the next master release.

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