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Bruno Guerreiro February 6, 2022 08:46

I am analyzing data on the paraview, Although there are some things that I don't know what they represent.
what does ST_dh represent?
and ST_treshhold?
and ST_reduced?
and ST_sideflag?
and Normals?
thank you!

kamath February 7, 2022 05:57

Hi Bruno,
I apologise for my ignorance, but I did not understand a word from your previous post.
I have never seen these variables in Paraview for REEF3D simulations.

Bruno Guerreiro February 7, 2022 06:36

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Hello I apologize for my English,

I would like to know:
when I am analyzing data on paraview what does
the ST_dh ,ST_treshhold,ST_treshhold,ST_sideflag and Normals represent.

Felix_Sp February 7, 2022 07:30

I think it is the result of P78 1 which gets printed in the file sediment_io.cpp.

kamath February 7, 2022 08:59

Accept my apologies Bruno, nothing wrong with your english. I am just not that familiar with the sediment module of REEF3D.
I will get one of our experts on it :)

Thank you Felix! :D
The time where I know very little about REEF3D is fast approaching

Bruno Guerreiro February 7, 2022 09:34

Don't worry, thank you anyway, and I also apologize

kamath February 8, 2022 12:03

Hi Bruno,
I can now confirm that this is just debug output that is not useful outside the developer's mind. You can ignore it, it will disappear in a future release anyway

Bruno Guerreiro February 10, 2022 19:46

Thank you!

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