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277649496 April 7, 2022 23:31

Change of initial water level
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I'm using reef3d to simulate a tidal bore experiment. After the results came out, I found that the indication of p51 dropped sharply by 0.2 cm at the beginning, it seems that the initial water level setting is wrong or not. This problem can be seen in the C1.jpg and reef3d-cfd-wsf-hg.png files I provided. I am very confused and hope to get help.

valgrinda April 10, 2022 04:54


please add I 12 1 to your ctrl.txt. This initializes the pressure to the hydrostatic distribution. Working now?

277649496 April 15, 2022 23:21

I am honored to receive your reply, which has helped me completely solve this problem. Now I have a new problem in front of me. How can I generate a solid moving in the sink and define its size and speed? Especially speed is particularly important to me. I can't find it in UserGuide. I hope you can give me some help. Thank you.

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