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paulathikalam April 28, 2022 09:45

version- Inquiry -- REEF3D and DiveMesh
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Hii all,

I have compiled the latest version of REEF3D (22.04.1) and DiveMesh (22.04).

When i tried to run a simulation with these version, I am getting some errors (divemesh runs ok, but reef3d pops up an error).

Attachment 89553

Attachment 89554

The version written while running the reef3d is v_220419 and the version in the divemesh is v_220405.

Will it create any problem if the versions doesn't match?? Or is the error specific to the simulation case that i am trying to run ?

kamath April 29, 2022 03:27

Yes, the versions are not backwards compatible.
However, the printout at the top of the console can in some cases be incorrect.
Just use git pull to see if there are new additions and use the latest versions.

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