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Moti May 24, 2012 13:56

Messhing Issue in Star-CCM+
Hi everyone;

I am using STAR-CCM+ and I am not able to get the good mesh in sharp corners of my model which is an external flow analysis. When I refine the whole mesh by reducing the base size value it could help up to certain level but at the same time the number of whole elements increased exponentially while the improvement in the getting the good mesh in sharp corners is just a little. So playing with the base size is should not be the key value for getting the good mesh in sharp cotners. Is there any specific parameter in Star-CCM+ to help to get the good mesh in the sharp edges of the model.
Your comments are grealy appreciated.


kyle May 24, 2012 14:02

If you are not using the surface wrapper, then you need to add feature edges to the sharp corners before meshing.

rwryne May 24, 2012 14:15

As kyle said, make sure you have feature curves marking these sharp corners.

Once you have them in place, you can put a custom mesh size on the feature curve itself, refining that area without affecting the other areas of the mesh.

Moti May 24, 2012 17:16

Thanks a lot Kyle & Ryne. It helped a lot.

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