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calim_cfd June 2, 2012 08:17

Hello ccm users!!! Greetings!


i have a different question regarding the drag assessment of a car - underhood: by using a no-slip wall with speed equal to the mainstream velocity beneath the wake, make too much difference in the drag estimate? i usually set the whole floor to no-slip v=0m/s.

Also, by using a MRF, instead of the momentum source to model the pressure variation across the fan patch, do we have a significantly difference in the results? whats the best approach MRF or fan modeling, say for a top speed condition?? if using a MRF what should be the rpm?

sry for the big post...

any comments are most welcome! :o

ty for your time

calim_cfd June 5, 2012 22:35

i edited the question cuz i got the answer to those ones.. thx..

now i need a hand with those two new ones :D


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