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mesa September 27, 2012 11:57

Multicomponent fuels in Star-CD

I'm currently trying to simulate multicomponent fuels in Star-CD, starting with a bicomponent model for Diesel. Right now I'm struggling with a clean definition of the chemical scheme. Up to now, I've tried two different ways in the 'Chemical Reactions' directory in the pro-Star Model Guide (Scheme Definition: crm2,,premixed,cfm,conditional)

First idea

I applied two reactions to one chemical scheme.
Each fuel component was defined as leading reactant by using the command 'lreact,2'. The chemical reactions were written by using 'reac,1' resp. 'reac,2'.
Altough pro-Star is only capable of displaying the first reaction, it perfectly lists all of them when checking for stoichiometry.

Problem: When running the simulation, the bicomponent fuel doesn't ignite (although it works fine with a single component fuel)

Second idea
I tried to define multiple chemical schemes (one scheme for each fuel component). Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign a material to any other scheme than scheme #1. Even if there is no material assigned to chemical scheme 1 and I use the command 'chscheme,1,2' in order to assign chemical scheme 2 to material 1, the only scheme that is written is (paradoxically) chemical scheme 1. :confused:

Any ideas on what I could have done wrong?
Thanks in advance!

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