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himanshu28 November 10, 2012 13:47

How to set segregate solver settings
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i have read the tutorial of star ccm+ to understand about the segregated solver but when i am running the solver i am not getting any convergence in my solution i am attaching my setting picture and my convergence graph:confused::confused::confused::confused::conf used:Attachment 16824,Attachment 16825Attachment 16826,Attachment 16827

krishnag2002 November 11, 2012 20:46

Dont depend on the residuals

Please monitor the properties (pre,temp or any other) at inlet or outlet and plot the same. u will know the convergence of solution.

If you have any critical domains, then add probe point at the place and monitor the properties and plot the same. it will give you clear idea about what is happening in the solution and convergence.

I hope it will help you. Please inform me is this helpful to you.

himanshu28 November 12, 2012 08:00

Thanks for the reply and how to Define Inlet velocity profile and
thanks for reply.. i have set the monitoring points and monitoring its........i have one more doubt that if i want to set my inlet velocity profile as the parabolic then ,how can i setup this using the macro... do you have any idea regarding this... actually at the inlet condition the inlet velocity is set to be as uniform in star ccm+ but i want to enter with fully developed velocity profile into the inlet section can you help me. ...:confused::confused::confused::(

krishnag2002 November 12, 2012 23:07

check this thread
Hi.. Please check the below threads, you will get answer

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