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GreatDee June 27, 2016 13:20

Multiphase reactions with ions
Hi everyone

I am interested in studying the mass transfer ([of SO2 into water or limestone-slurry) and the chemical reactions involved, i.e.

(i) SO2(g)<=>SO2(aq),
(ii) SO2(aq)+H2O<=>H2SO3,
(iii) H2SO3<=>H+ + HSO3-,
(iv) HSO3- <=>H+ + SO32-,
(v) CaCO3(s)<=>Ca2+ + CO32-,
(vi) H+ + CO32- <=> HCO3-,
(vii) H+ + HCO3- <=> CO2(g) + H2O
(vii) Ca2+ + SO32- <=> CaSO3(s)

My objective is to use STAR-CCM+ to calculate the concentrations (per minute) of SO2(aq), H+, HSO3-, SO32-, CaCO3(s), Ca2+, HCO3-, CO32-, CO2(g) and CaSO3(s).

Since STAR-CCM+ does not support, multiphase reactions with ions, what are the alternative approaches to achieve my goal?

nashncku June 27, 2019 03:12

Have you solved this case?

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