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bridgeovertroubledwater January 3, 2019 16:23

Average velocity at pipe exit
Hello this is probably a very simple question but if I wanted to look at the average velocity at a pipe exit would I create a plane at the exit and then plot the average velocity at that plane?
Would that work?
Thanks Iím quite new to ccm+ and cfd in general so sorry if itís basic

bluebase January 10, 2019 04:42

Hi Becky,

as a general suggestion: work through the provided tutorials when you start with a new tool! It's not wasted time.

To get the average velocity at the exit you would need to create a new report, a mass-flow report. As part select the exit boundary.

Alternatively, you could create a mass-flow-averaged report over the velocity vector in outflow-boundary-normal direction.

After creating a new report you can open the context menu (right click) on such report and add a monitor and plot.

If any terms are unclear search the StarCCM help, or ask again.

Best regards,

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