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bridgeovertroubledwater January 11, 2019 13:43

Average velocity at outlet
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Hello all,

I am trying to get the average velocity at the outlet part of my diffuser for a wind turbine. The problem i am having is that the area is not defined as an outlet in my setup. Any ideas oh how I would do this?
I have uploaded images of my diffuser and also my domain, the area i want to calculate the average velocity at is highlighted by the red circle and the direction of wind flow by red arrows.

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Attachment 67719

Attachment 67720

bridgeovertroubledwater January 26, 2019 15:37

Anyone help please?

HeWeb March 5, 2019 15:29

Hi hi,

So you want an "imaginary" surface to report you velocity?

If so you can easily create a derived part (arbitrary plane). As input you can define a part or a file. Then you are creating a mass-flow average report with the derived part as input.


ryanz April 7, 2019 21:55

Try creating a derived part.
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tarumbao February 21, 2020 14:21

The answer of Ryan it's correct.
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