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cgswjs July 1, 2019 20:04

Canít fix pierced faces
Hi everyone,
My name is Ian and Iím working on a CFD project of a counter flow double pipe heat exchanger. I have a DPHE model with 75c water in the inner tube and 27c air in the outer shell. There are also 6 helical gear vortex generators in the annulus region. I got my model working in star cam, however, the temperature results are way off. The software is giving me 4000C on the Vortex generators. I think it has something to do with the pierced faces I didnít fix for the vortex generators. I did surface repair and it fixed most of them. But there are 106 pierced faces on the vortex generators it couldnít fix. Is there a way that I can fix them manually? I created my model in solidworks btw. Can someone help me with this? Thanks a lot!

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