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momop July 19, 2020 08:32

y+ question
Dose anyone know how can I set up the Prism Layer Mesher in trailing edge?I use Polyhedral Mesher,Prism Layer Mesher and Surface Remesher.

I have tried to set up Prism Layer Thickness,Prism Layer Stretching and Number of Prism Layers,I can get y+ < 1 in every where except trailing edge.
How can I fix it:困惑:?


D. Lehnardt July 19, 2020 09:33


Have you tried using the 'Wall Thickness' function instead? This allows you to define the height of the first cell at the wall. This value can be estimated for a corresponding value of y+. So if you calculate it for say a y+ of 0.1 or maybe even 0.5, then you are almost guaranteed to achieve an over all Wall y+ value below 1.

Here is a link for an online first cell height calculator:

Hope that helps.

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