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Velocimetry November 19, 2020 02:41

Static Mixer CFD analysis
I have a mixer design, similar to a static mixer, but an in house design.

I am using a multi-component liquid model to run the simulation. Where mass flow rates of the inlets are given, along with a pressure outlet.

I have various design iterations...I was wondering how can I quantify my CFD mixing results? Is there a parameter I can use at the outlet that says the mixing of design 1 is XXX and design 2 is YYY, or something like that.

How can I ensure one design is relatively better than the other design.

I am running non-reacting simulation, RANS - k-omega. I also simulated with k-epsilon results are very very close.

No temperature involved. Simple simulation, with two different liquids (with different densities and viscosities), mixing at a level smaller than grid size.

koful December 30, 2020 12:38

Hello. There is a volume uniformity report. Did you tried that?

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