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Fabi_THU March 23, 2022 14:36

Floating Point Error Multi-Phase Simulation

i am a student and i'm doing a simulation for a Formula Student Team regarding the electric motor heat transfer.

We have two Regions:
Region Housing (Solid Aluminum)
Region Water (Fluid)

We've done different Geometries (different cooling concepts) with the same solvers /physics and it worked just fine so i think it is a mesh problem but i have no idea how to solve it.
I already tried to delete Invalid Cells, but there are none. And i also tried to change the URF Settings.

This is the error that occurs at around 30 iterations:

WARNING: insufficient precision on multigrid level 8, nRows = 38
AMG coarsening halted.
This may indicate double precision version is needed.
A floating point error has occurred. The following error has been logged:
A non-finite residual (X-momentum) was added by star.segregatedflow.SegregatedFlowSolver. Typical causes are overflow, underflow, or a division by zero.Please check your usage and inputs.
Command: StepSimulation
error: Server Error

Those are the solvers we are using:
Segregated Flow
Segregated Energy
K-Omega Turbulence

I will add photos of the mesh so you can "judge" it.
Thanks a lot for any type of help. If you need any more informations let me know. <- Pictures

I already did a finer mesh (pictures is the older mesh) but it changed nothing..same error.

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