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Sener Yilmaz December 12, 1999 06:59

STAR-CD underhood thermal management

I'm a new user to STAR-CD, and I want to do some underhood thermal management analyses for a truck. I wonder if there are any textbooks, papers, web sites explaining these type of analyses in detail? Since I want to know what parameters and boundary and initial conditions required for this analysis, any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Sener Yilmaz

Md. Ziaul Islam December 12, 1999 19:22

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
I know two persons (CFD expert from Bangladesh) working at Pontiac, General Motors who are expert in underhood thermal management analysis and engine management for a truck using STAR-CD and WAVE. Their names are Dr. Moudud Rahman and Dr. Zakirul Haque. I think they can help you obtaining boundary conditions and parameters for underhood thermal analysis. I don't know their office phone numbers but you can obtain their phone numbers and addresses from Pontiac, GMC truck division. Good luck!

John C. Chien December 13, 1999 02:05

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
(1). You are talking about the flow through a couple of radiators, fans, then through the space between the engine and the car structure. And there are always other objects like pump, tubing, wiring around. (2). The geometry is very complex there. (3). I have to say that it may be possible to get a rough estimate of the flow field. It is going to be almost impossible to predict the heat transfer at the walls, such as the radiator, the engine block, exhaust manifold, pipes. (4). Roughly one third of the energy is lost through heat transfer, so, the fuel consumption rate will be one important factor. (5). The coolant flow rate through pump is another important factor. It will control the engine temperature. (6). The cooling fan flow rate is also another important factor. It will determine the coolant return temperature. Then there is a thermostat in the engine block to regulate the temperature. (7). When the car is moving, it also affect the pressure distribution in front and on the bottom of the car or engine compartment. This affect the flow rate through the front radiator. (8). So, it requires several levels of modeling to get the system to work. CFD analysis alone will not give you the flow rate, the wall heat transfer coefficients in this complex turbulent separated flow environment.

Henk Krus December 14, 1999 12:01

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
We have an article on this topic: "An evaluation of the simulated flow through the engine cooling system of a truck". In this paper CFD results are compared with measurements of the flow through the radiator (including rotating fan models). Please look at

John C. Chien December 14, 1999 13:19

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
(1). Very good work, highly recommended. (2). I thought I had seen it before, actually, I had down loaded a couple of papers several months ago. (3). The other good reference is:Numerical simulation and experimental verification of DI diesel intake port designs, by Henk Krus (with two dots on the top of u ) (4). The experimental and the numerical simulation together make the information hard to come by. (5). Thank you very much for the valuable information. Based on the degree of difficulty, you get A++.

Ali Oge December 15, 1999 09:32

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
Hi Sener,

If you look SAE papers you can find a lot of information you needed. And also there is a good reference :

Ed. Sovran, G., Morel, T., and Mason., W., T., Proc. of the Symp. on Aerodinamic Drag Mechanism of Bluff Bodies and Road Vehicles held at the GM, Michigan, 1976.


Kevin December 18, 1999 01:17

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
It seems like STAR-CD and WAVE software theory experts in GM are trying to compete with their Euporean Counterparts in truck design. Good luck!

Md. Ziaul Islam December 18, 1999 15:54

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
I heard of a company named probably AP Parts Automotive (located in Toledo, Ohio) that manufacture mufflers. Mr. Michael Cleggs (director) along with his team of engineers are simulating exhaust gas flow analysis for the whole exhaust system using STAR-CD and WAVE software to optimize design in order to meet future stringent emissions requirements for the new millennium. Good luck!

Md. Ziaul Islam December 23, 1999 03:39

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management

Md. Ziaul Islam December 23, 1999 03:46

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management

Md. Ziaul Islam December 28, 1999 22:19

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
It seems like the Customer Service Center of General Motors working with STAR-CD and WAVE have all the solutions for you. More than 17 million people in USA have asthma and other lungs disease (some of them probably don't even know that they have lungs problem) caused due to excess tailpipe emissions and industrial pollutions. See if STAR-CD and WAVE experts can help you to come up with solutions to reduce emissions for the new millennium. Good luck!!!

Md. Ziaul Islam January 28, 2000 13:23

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
STAR-CD and WAVE experts in GM are trying to compete with their European Counterparts say for example Daimler-Benz, Volvo, Audi, BMW, Voxwagon etc. !!! Do Japanese company like Honda and Toyota use STAR-CD and WAVE? Whats happening to the customer service center in GM !!!

John Law January 31, 2000 08:08

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
I believe STAR-CD was first linked to GTPOWER. The linkage run between STAR-CD and GTPOWER works quite well - well GTPOWER certainly sold quite a lot of licenses in Japan (Toyota is among them).

WAVE is very similar to GTPOWER (Oops - only to my knowledge). Therefore there is no reason why it should not work equally well. However GTPOWER has been putting in lots of efforts for a few years now.

Steve Amphlett January 31, 2000 10:34

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
We've been putting "lots of effort" into WAVE since the WAVE/GT-POWER split too. And we link to STAR-CD now, through our published and supported co-simulation interface.

We also link to other fluid, mechanical and control codes, with thermal links coming soon. Imagine a coupled co-simulation with WAVE modelling the engine, STAR-CD modelling the coolant flow in the head, Flowmaster modelling the coolant circuit, and Simulink controlling the whole lot.

Md. Ziaul Islam January 31, 2000 15:50

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
Eaton's future retirement from Chrysler is expected to open a new era in automotive developement in U.S.A. Chrysler is in very good hand. Automobile industry seems to be 'Shaken Up' with new hope and aspiration. Even the Koreans are becoming more submissive than ever before in order to get into US market. Competition is becoming keen. Customers will be driving more safer, economical, reliable, durable and ultra-less tailpipe emissions car then ever before. The door is open to use any software desired but as long as the company can be at the edge of competition.

Md. Ziaul Islam February 3, 2000 15:56

Re: STAR-CD underhood thermal management
Competition is keen. You may use any software you desire as long as you are not relieve of duty or your company's engineering performance (as well as market share) does not go down. I have given example of some companies earliar in this foram.

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