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D Redinger December 30, 1999 17:56

SAMM meshing
I have been a user in the past of Fluent and CFX. Both of those packages have had decent pre-processing capabilities. Presently, we are looking to use STAR-CD for our CFD work. I am planning on creating my geometry with Pro-Engineer and meshing the geometry with SAMM. I have some fairly sizeable differences in scale (axial vs. lateral) that SAMM will have to handle. Does this approach seem plausible? In either case, what suggestions can be made to improve the approach? The key here is to maximize throughput for parametric type studies without sacrificing too much in terms of mesh acceptability.

Thanks in advance.

Dave January 1, 2000 11:56

Re: SAMM meshing

The other option of meshing for STAR CD is to use the pre-processor supplied by ICEM CFD ENGINEERING via Star CD. The grids can be exported to STAR, Fluent and CFX. They have a site at;

Hope this helps



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