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Caroline January 13, 2000 10:33

Star and linux
I am a complete newbie at both star and linux and this may be the root of the problem. Everything is installed, I have the licence and the path is setup in the bash_profile. But it still doesn't work the farthest I've got with it is it scrolls in the terminal windows and names of stuff that should be in the tool bar go past and thats it. I don't even know what the GUI looks like. If anyone else has had a similar problem I would like to hear from them.


peter grafenberger January 13, 2000 11:51

Re: Star and linux
hi caroline,

did you install motif on your pc - i think it's not included in the star distribution, but it's required by the star-gui.


Caroline January 14, 2000 04:58

Re: Star and linux
I pretty sure I didn't install motif, where do I get this from? and in which directory should I put it.


peter grafenberger January 14, 2000 05:16

Re: Star and linux
I'm sorry to tell you that XMotif is a comercial package, so if you don't want to buy it there will be two opportunities: 1.) use lLsstif, a free linux Motif clone instead -> there are problems with the star nav-center (ok for testing, but not for everydays work). You will get it from 2.) ask CD for a linux version with static linked Motif libraries.


vittorio faluomi January 14, 2000 12:28

Re: Star and linux
There is also a possibility to ask a company providing Motif for Linux for a temporary license (15 days, let's say), or ask some friend to have the binary of the libraries. The last chance it is not completely right, but for testing would be accepted.

vittorio faluomi January 21, 2000 11:22

Re: Star and linux
Hi all, just today I got new release of LessTif libraries (0.89). I compiled them, and now Prostar for Linux work pretty good, at least i can use Star-Gui. Display velocity is ok (smilar to my 43-P IBM) and now i'm waiting for a 14-days license for Absoft Fortran, to try to compile and run some cases. More on that later on.


Caroline March 3, 2000 08:59

Re: Star and linux
I managed to get the file downloaded but how do I complie it? will I needed any other software for this?

vittorio faluomi March 6, 2000 11:31

Re: Star and linux
Hi Caroline, if you mind how to compile LessTif, first you have to unzip it and untar it. Normaly the file comes in .tgz or .tar.gz format, so that first use

gzip -d yourfile.tgz

to get

your file.tar

Then use tar to get full distribution on your HD

tar -xvf yourfile.tar

Now, you should have in the directory where you unzip the distribution some like:


where XXX is the number of distribution of Lesstif. Just type ./configure to create the Makefile and then type make install to compile and install libreries. If everything works, you should be able to run STAR-CD

Let me know if does not work



Caroline March 8, 2000 09:44

Re: Star and linux
Hi me again, I managed to compile but underwhich directorybshould I be when I do make install? Will I need to point towards the file in my profile (bash_profile)so that STAR can find the libraries or will it just find them wherever they are?


vittorio faluomi March 16, 2000 08:56

Re: Star and linux
Hi Caroline,

once you have unzipped and untarred files, do ./configure and then make install , being into the root directory of lesstif distribution. You should have root privilege to do this, because the install routine will copy the libraries under /lib, which has root permissions to write in. At this point STAR will be able to use these libraries



steve April 10, 2000 11:39

Re: Star and linux
We tested Prostar with Lestif several months ago. It did not work well (ie things that worked perfectly under commercial (Red Hat) Motif did not work with Lestif. Save yourselves alot of agony - for about $100 you can get a good commercial Motif (now from Metro instead of Red Hat) and as far as we know - there are no particular problem with the GUI.

We also have run Prostar under GNOME, KDE and CDE (from Xi software). Prostar works well with GNOME and CDE but has problems with KDE.

Not all linux components work perfectly. If you are spending thousands for a STAR license, more thousands for a decent machine, then spend $100 more and get a Motif installation that works.

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