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jens January 17, 2000 03:29

Star-CD/Star-HPC and LES

Once again I would like to know if someone have experience of using the LES model within the STAR-CD/STAR-HPC.

From the manual I know that these subgrid scale models a likely to be much too dissipasive.

And there could be problems with the differencing scheme using when applying LES.

Does anyone have a comment ?

Best Regards


John Law January 17, 2000 08:04

Re: Star-CD/Star-HPC and LES
If I remember correctly, the discretisation schemes recommended for LES run in STAR-CD are both second order in time and space. I think this is very common now in LES simulations - for example, Prof. Piomelli's group at University of Maryland uses similar schemes.

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