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Rooh-ul-Amin Khuram February 10, 2000 11:47

Expert Opinion
My company is thinking of purchasing STARCD. I want expert opinion on the the performance of this code. Any validation work along with tet results is welcomed

Young February 14, 2000 02:53

Re: Expert Opinion
Dear Rooh-ul-Amin Khuram,

I will send the summary of CFD BMT paper to your personal E-mail address. Regards,


jens bennetsen February 15, 2000 03:34

Re: Expert Opinion

If possible I would also be very interested in the report you mention.

Thanks very much in advance.

Best Regards

Jens Chr. Bennetsen DIAS

peter grafenberger February 15, 2000 14:10

Re: Expert Opinion
hallo young,

can you send me this paper too, please.

thanks a lot


Milan February 16, 2000 02:35

Re: Expert Opinion
Hello Young, can you please send one more copy to my e mail address Regards,


Rooh-ul-Amin Khuram February 16, 2000 12:05

Re: Expert Opinion
Thanks a lot Young


Miguel Gallardo February 20, 2000 13:51

Re: Expert Opinion
Hi Young:

I am very interested in the paper that you mention, would you mind send me this information too, please.

Thanks a lot.

young February 20, 2000 19:02

Re: Expert Opinion
Dear Miguelgallardo,

If you want to get this bmt materials of commercial CFD codes, please let me know the following:

1. Last name 2. First name 3. Company Name 4. Title in your company 5. Contact Point

phone and fax and E-mail address 6. Web site 7. Purpose of this MT material 8. What kind of commercial CFD code used


Young General Manager CDAK E-mail :

Md. Ziaul Islam February 21, 2000 16:33

Re: Expert Opinion
There is no more winds of war. There is no more ghost of darkness. I can feel the gentle breeze of peace may be coming. Friendship to everybody, malaise to none. You may use any tactic or strategy you prefer as long as you can be at the edge of competition. I wish you best of luck!!!

Md. Ziaul Islam April 6, 2000 07:53

Re: Expert Opinion
Monopoly business is far away from equilibrium. Monopoly business is not within control limits. Therefore, momopoly business is not robust. That is why monopoly business brings unstability in stock values and disrupt peace. Monopoly business causes malaise in a society. Any monopoly commercial CFD software can ruin business market competitiveness and do harm to other softwares. So we need to be careful.

Md. Ziaul Islam April 14, 2000 14:24

Re: Expert Opinion
Rules and regulations needs to be maintained in right earnest for the sake of better and secured life for us and the next generation to come to prevent further harm.

Ayyapillai Murali May 18, 2000 09:50

Re: Expert Opinion
Hi Young:

I am very interested in the paper that you mention, would you mind send me this information too, please.

Thanks a lot.

Ayyapillai Murali

CFD May 19, 2000 22:30

Re: Expert Opinion
Allright, I give up. What (if anything) could you possibly mean??

John C. Chien May 21, 2000 20:43

Re: Expert Opinion
(1). What he was trying to say is: life is beautiful, cfd is useful, but if you have to make a living by selling software, it is like living in the war zone, and the life can become very ugly. (2). In some cases, it is not a good idea to give away the software for free.

topic July 15, 2000 19:43

Re: Expert Opinion
Wow! So many questions raised from simply asking whose tet-mesher's best :)

A staight answer probably won't upset the equilibrium of the cosmos. I have used tetrahedral elements but once in starCD, and even then imported it from a UG=>Hypermesh=>NASTRAN evolution ( i in trouble for that?). It worked very well, but used up a LOT of space for an otherwise simple model. Most people who tetmesh use Fluent where i work; i have not seen a good comparison of performance.

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