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Mads Reck February 14, 2000 05:39

Particles on 2D plate
Hi there.

I am a beginner to STAR-CD and at the moment I am doing some exercises. Now I have modelled a 2D flat plate with a turbulent flow over it (keeping it simple). I am able to make a nice boundary layer plot. But that's not enough, of course. I want to put particles in the flow. I have turned on Lagrangian flow and made some particles (droplets). I let STAR-CD solve on the system, and I draw nice particle flows. The problem is, that I do not see any random-walk of the particles - and I would very much like to see that. I've turned on the turbulent disperson switch with no result. I've tried mesh alterings and inflow velocity variations. I am solving the problem as a steady state solution. What is wrong? The particles are of the size 10e-6 meters in diameter. I have one droplet in each parcel, and I have 1-10 parcels.

best regards

Mads Reck, Denmark.

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