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Pete Chen February 14, 2000 06:26

how to get data tecplot can utilize?
I want to know how can I get data which tecplot can read and handle from star-cd

Dan Sorensen February 21, 2000 11:46

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?
I asked the tecplot-community the same thing and got the answer that I could just do it myself - great.

However, I have put together a starcd macro which saves some stuff and a fortran program which afterwards create a tecplot file. Although not very general, I believe that you should be able to work from there.

Let me know if you are interested in the two files

Pete Chen February 21, 2000 23:04

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?
yes I want to know how to do it and thanks

jens February 22, 2000 06:03

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?

One thing I think you can do is to export your data set to the plot3d file format from STAR-CD. (this can both be structured and unstructured data)

And then import the plot3d file into tecplot. It has a facility to import this file format.

Hope this help.

Best Regards

Jens Chr. Bennetsen DIAS

Dean Hawkinson March 27, 2000 15:58

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?

I'm interested in the macro and fortran code that you came up with to do some visualization in Tecplot. Any chance I could bother you for them?

Thanks Dean Hawkinson ------------------------------------- Senior ** Aerospace Engineering ** Iowa State University

Don Roberts March 31, 2000 18:15

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?
Recently, a Tecplot output module has been developed to provide output from STAR-CD in the Tecplot format. This module is currently in a "bug-fix" patch of Prostar, since a standard release is not scheduled for some time. The patch is available and can be obtained by contacting Adapco customer support. Tell them that you need the Tecplot output module, which is available in 3.100a.510 or greater.

Pete Chen April 9, 2000 23:33

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?
I didn't find the so-call "bug-fix" patch in the adapco Could you send me the file if the file isn't too large thanks

Don Roberts April 18, 2000 16:03

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?
The process is to call Technical Support at Adapco. Dial (631) 549-2300 and press 4 for tech support. Tell the support representative that you need a Prostar bug-fix patch that is numbered 3.100a.510 or greater. The patch will contain the Tecplot output option. If the person you talk to does not know about the patch, ask him to contact Steve Feldman at Adapco x121.

Bart Prast May 31, 2000 06:00

Re: how to get data tecplot can utilize?
I have used the tecplot export option of STAR-CD for a week now and it works fine. Only problem is that you cannot specify which variables he should export. Assuming and perfect gas you can get all variables (total pressure/temperature and Mach number) but it doesn't export these results. Probably to keep the file size to a minimum. The fileformat is ASCII. I haven't tried yet to exprot results from simulations using baffles. I heard this could pose a problem with visualisation of f.i. pressures (different values on both sides of a baffle) But it works for me now. I also work with CFX 5 which doesn't have these export options (yet and in the near future).

Regards, Bart Prast

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