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Mark Render February 14, 2000 11:18

Turbulence model via Subroutine

I'm a beginner using StarCD and I have a question concerning User-subroutines. I have seen that there is a subroutine for modifying the eddy viscosity. If you want to implement a new two equation turbulence model based on some kind of k and epsilon equation is it possible to do it via this subroutine ? Could one define the steps of progress when implementing a new model with a subroutine ?


J. Y. Luo February 14, 2000 13:47

Re: Turbulence model via Subroutine
Hi, Mark,

The user subroutine VISTUR is designed to give STAR-CD users a chance to provide their own formula for turbulent viscosity, either based on k-e values or other parameters. I think it would be difficult to solve other transport equations directly through this subroutine. If you have any specific turbulence models in mind, we may be able to provide better advice. Please feel free to contact me.

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