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Anders Jönson February 15, 2000 04:00

Visualisation of baffles!
Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding baffles, i.e. surfaces with fluid on both sides. In my thermal radiation simulations I have baffles with different propertys on the different side. I would like to plot the temperature distribution on one side. How is that done in Prostar? Anyone with some hints or ideas?


B.N.LOO August 9, 2000 01:31

Re: Visualisation of baffles!
HI Jonson,

This type of prob. can be solved by defining the diff. properties for both sides i.e while difining the boundaries u will find the Q for Side 1 and side 2 where u can difine the with diff. properties of the baffles(conduction, flux flow,adiabatic and heat resistance).

Try to slove it in this manner. BNLOO

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