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Miguel Gallardo February 20, 2000 15:47

k-e model, special aplications
I am a student in Mechanical Enginner MSc on the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, MOnterrey campus (Monterrey, Mexico), I am trying of development performance analysis in Heat Recovery Steam Generators, the k-e turbulence model, the moderately porous media theory and surface response methodology are used.

Traditionally, scaled models have been fabricated in acrylic to test some sort of accessories, which has resulted in a uniform flow through the tubes arrays. The data provided by the scaled models is restricted in such a way that sometimes the task to scale the test results into the real equipment is hard to accomplish. In order to improve the design and speed up the design process, some powerful computational tools are being used at present by us. I am a beginner in the use of the Computational Fluid Dynamics software like Star-CD to precisely characterize the behavior of such systems and the operation of the accessories involved in the equipment performance. For the case requiring the simulation of the pressure drop through the tubes arrays (superheaters, evaporators, economizers) the moderately porous media theory and surface response methodology are used. The model that I am studing have suddenly section changes in its geometry

I had read some papers about the k-e turbulence model and some applications for this, but I am very interested if somebody could help me to obtain a little more of information about the K-e model aplications in the suddendly sections change and some experimental validations.

I will appreciate your help in this matter.

Thanks a lot.

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