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Bo Jensen February 22, 2000 09:00

Wall Shear force - any suggestions on turbulence modelling
Hallo everybody

In my work i am currently calculating on a valve with a rather complex flow pattern. Highly turbulent. I am specially interested in simulating the wall shear forces as correct as possible. For this I have a couple of questions for the Forum:

1) any suggestions to the choice of turbulence model and not least the choise of wall threatment (should I use a two-layer model or just a regular low-reynolds number k-e model)?

2) For the verification of the simulations I have the possibility to make velocity measurements in the main flow of the valve. Now, if the verification of the CFD calculations looks alright for the main flow, then it would not be totally wrong to presume that the CFD-simulations also give a result for the wall shear stress that approximates the once excisting in the valve??

Yours Sincerly


John C. Chien February 22, 2000 13:12

Re: Wall Shear force - any suggestions on turbulence modelling
(1). Try a two-layer model first. (2). The wall shear stress is very hard to predict accurately. In the complicated flow field, the main flow is more or less controlled by the continuity equation (mass conservation), while the wall shear stress is controlled by the momentum equations. you will have to match both the velocity field and the pressure field everywhere in order to get the correct wall shear stress.

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