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satish February 29, 2000 07:14

Modeling Difficulties using Pro-Star
Hi, Our firm has recently purchased StarCD and I am learning to use the same. I tried modeling a long underwater body which has a spherical nose, a rather cylindrical (assymetrical)mid body, and aconical tail. I tried taking cross sections at different points along the length , generate them as splines (about 30 in number) and then use the blokf and bloke commands to generate the flow field.After the bloke , it will look like this body is enclosed in a rectangular flow field.(I have taken only half of the body as it is symmetrical about the longitudinal centreline plane). It was extremly difficult for me at the nose end which is semi-spherical, as the sections are circular with reducing radius towards the nose. A surface generated like this is not smooth. There is also the problem of cell mismatch as the no of cells has to be reduced as the sections become smaller and adjacent cells in two near blocks will find it difficult to match

Can somebody suggest som other way of modeling this problem using ProStar. Is it really possible to do using ProStar.. My problem could never converge because it says 'cell centre outside the cell' for a very large number of cells

urs satish

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