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Sanjay April 6, 2000 13:28

water pumps
hi I want to model a water pump for auto apps. using star-cd. Can tell me how i may go about this. I guess I would need a rotating mesh or rotating reference plane. Also I believe it is a steady state calc.

Any ideas, also any references on the subject will be appreciated.

Ron April 20, 2000 23:25

Re: water pumps

You can use the implicit multiple reference frame capabilities of STAR. You will need to specify a volume of fluid which is "swept" by the impeller blades of the pump. You need to model the blades using this approach. You will also need to define a local cylindrical coordinate system, with the z-axis coinciding with the axis or rotation of the pump. The rotational speed of the pump in (rpm) also needs to be specified.

The "swept" volume will be solved in a rotating frame. The inlet scroll and exit volumes will be solved in a stationary frame. The calculation is steady state.

Have Fun!


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